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Seasonal Perfume Oils in 10ml Glass Roller Bottles

100% Natural Essential Oils for a beautiful, toxin free scent and seasonal nourishment, a perfect gift on its own or to go with a gift voucher! 

Winter and Spring currently available. Summer coming soon!

£8.50 per bottle

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Bottles of your Personalised Massage Oil Blend

PERSONAL OIL BLENDS.  Following your treatment, why not take home a 10ml bottle of the essential oil blend that was created for your needs.  Either added to a bath, a few drops in the diffuser, or simply used on your pulse points to sooth and calm, the aroma will take you back to your treatment in the hut and help maintain that feeling of pure relaxation.  Ask me in the hut if you would like me to make up extra for you to take away for £4.50

Incense and Burners

NAG CHAMPA.  Nag Champa incense sticks and stick burners are also available to buy in the hut. Its my favourite incense, originating in India, it is made using a beautiful natural blend of the champ flower (there are 3 native flowers in India know as champa: magnolia champaca, plumeria & messua ferrea), geranium, henna, Indian sandlewood, vanilla and honey.  The smell is soft but distinctive and promotes incredible peace and calm, it's a smell that always brings a smile to my face if I come across it out and about.

£2 sticks £2 burner

Treatment Gift Certificates

GIFT CERTIFICATES.  Available to buy for those special occasions.  Each certificate will provide details of who it is to and from, the treatment that has been gifted and the holder will be entitled to a 10ml bottle of their personalised oil blend after the treatment. The certificate can either come in a sealed white envelope for you to wrap as you wish, or I can pop it inside a beautiful colourful package so it is ready to be presented! Each certificate comes with a leaflet about Woodstock Holistics and my contact details so that the recipient may contact me to book an appointment directly.  Each hourly treatment is £45, you may choose which ever, or as many as you wish!