Welcome to these little hands

Hello world,

Here is my new website - I hope you like it. Full of stories of how reiki and massage have helped to heal and support better health in my clients, and myself.  Its about progress and learning, about understanding and a desire to change and challenge.  Most importantly, its about living your life and loving it! 

Strangely, I started out being largely skeptical of holistic or alternative therapies.  Training in building surveying and land management, my area of expertise were of a more quantifiable variety.  However, at the age of 20, I found myself in the position of carer for my mother, Jan, who was dying of cancer.  She was pure countryside to her core, embracing all the joys of a natural outdoor way of life, having a magical way with animals and an absolute belief that there was nothing more important than caring for nature and all that it provided. 

While we spent time together in her last months, we researched a number of alternative and complementary therapies that may offer some relief.  Although this could not change the situation we found ourselves in then, it did offer some comfort.  After her death, I saw a reiki therapist to help with my grief and it was he who encouraged me to learn more.  I felt so strongly about the important role that this kind of therapy has in everyones life that I left my job as a junior surveyor and worked full time in care while studying for 5 years to be a reiki master therapist with the UK Reiki Federation.  I then went on to complete qualifications in holistic massage and anatomy physiology and pathology with an Itec Diploma at Hammersmith Hospital in London. 

I strongly believe that to work on a persons health and wellbeing for any reason, you have to understand the body you are working with.  In a similar notion, I wanted to work in another area that would help me learn to assess and read people on a different level.  Having worked in care during my training, I felt drawn to a role in social services working on the protection of vulnerable adults and assisting in the assessment of abuse cases.  I completed a further 5 years working there, before my husband and I were blessed with our baby boy and I left full time social care to set up my own company, Woodstock Holistics. 

Although I have always privately practiced reiki and massage therapy since starting my training in 2006, I feel utterly confident that now is the most important time to be striding out on my own and sharing what I learned.  I am overwhelmed with people approaching me and asking to learn more about how to effectively care for themselves and their families without intervention or how to regain control over their increasingly frantic lives.  I am overwhelmed by the reaction I have received from people who’s lives are happier because of it.  I love what I do and I love being able to share it with you. 

Looking forward to sharing more of my journey with you.