Treatments Available at Woodstock Holistics

All treatments are £45 per hour, booking taken in advance either over the phone or via the contact page.


Unfortunately I do have to implement a cancellation fee, please contact me ASAP if you need to reschedule so the time can be offered to other people and avoid incurring a charge:

✨Cancellations made 24hrs prior to the appointment will require a 50% fee
✨Cancellations less than 24hrs prior to an appointment or failure to attend without notification - full payment of the treatment cost will be due
✨Cancellations of treatments booked using a voucher - 24hrs or less notice to cancel or failure to attend will result in deduction of 50% of voucher value.

Wednesdays and Thursdays I will be based in Tenterden.
Tuesdays and Fridays I will be doing home visits. These will have a travel charge on top of the treatment cost (home visit charges start at £10, this can vary depending on how many home visit sessions you book and where you live).

Reiki Therapy

After some discussion, the treatment will begin with you laying comfortably on the treatment couch. A light touch will be used on each chakra (energy centre), and depending on what is being addressed in the treatment, on the site of any discomfort, illness or injury. Working with the natural flow of Reiki energy I will help your body achieve its full healing potential and achieve the balance required for your mind to calm and rationalise the thoughts that occupy it. 

Massage Therapy and Body Work

After some discussion, the massage treatment will be tailored to suit your needs. I can provide either a full body massage from top to toe or neck, back, arms and shoulders, either option will be for a period of one hour. As each treatment is designed to suit your personal needs, we may agree in the preliminary discussions that I spend a longer period of time working on specific are or injury, or you may want me to spend longer on a technique that is intensely relaxing in order to have a more tranquil effect.  It is your treatment, always feel free to let me know what you want to get out of it.

Reiki Massage Combination Therapy

After some discussion, the treatment will start with a massage (area specific to your needs).  I use Reiki energy in all of my massages as I find that it helps me to be more intuitive about the body and what it needs, however, in a Reiki massage, I will also do a clearing and a grounding after the massage.  This is done by channelling Reiki energy and working down through the body's 7 main chakras aiding the body’s ability to find balance and relieve strain for areas that are struggling and causing the body to feel pain/pressure or distress.  The overall effect is incredibly relaxing and peaceful, again, the treatment will last for an hour and I will review my findings with you afterwards.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage can be hugely beneficial to both mother and baby.  It helps to relieve the pressure on the back and hips as well as soothing the nerves and regulating blood pressure.  A healthy body for mum is a peaceful environment for baby to grow.  A treatment will never be offered to anyone still in the first trimester and there will be restrictions on the essential oils that can be used in the treatment.

Mother and baby treatments

A relaxing session for mother and baby combined; mother can layback, relax, cradle or feed her baby while fully supported on the massage couch with the appropriate cushions.  She will enjoy a 40 minute super relaxing leg and foot massage, after which when baby is settled, baby will have a 20 minute baby massage, aiding good digestion and a restful sleep and I can talk mother through the massage so she can use these techniques at home.